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Thread: Beta key give-aways

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    Beta key give-aways

    Hi gang,

    The BETA has started and you'll soon be able to grab keys from participating media sites as well. If you would like a BETA key from us, please PM me and we'll make it happen.

    EDIT: The Beta is over.
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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, but the Beta key I got from the Paradox Newsletter isn't working.

    Just like I previously did with the WotR Alpha, I went to My Games, selected "Starvoid Test" from the drop-down, pasted my code form the newsletter into the box, and hit Register.
    Invalid key for Starvoid Test
    Oh, and the key worked perfectly fine activating in Steam. I am actually downloading the Starvoid Beta as we speak. So is there a different key somewhere that I am missing?

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    I have the same problem as lolwhut. The key works fine on steam but won't work on here. :/

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    Its the same for me, cant register the game in the forum, but its okay for steam

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    Same problem.

    And on top of that the game crushes on startup ? (Is it dx11 only ? I am running XP)

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    I haven't actually ran the game yet, (I am currently in the middle of the Prison sequence of Fable and I do NOT want to restart it) but I will update this placeholder when I do.

    (one year later) Okay, the game is at the main menu right now. After the first startup and setup, which checked my Microsoft Visual something-or-other, which I may or may not have paid attention to, the game "not respond"ed and crashed. However, the second time I tried it it did sit at the loading screen for a while and then pulled up to main menu. Yet to try a game, but it looks like the Steam key did work completely fine in Steam. The only question is getting it to work with Paradox forums.

    Edit 2: Now I can't even play the game because I set it to fullscreen on startup, and now it keeps crashing.
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    Same problem as the first 3 posters, guess I'll keep watch here for a fix...

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    "The last batch of beta keys was not possible to register under my games sadly. I have corrected it now however so please try again!


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    Just tried it now and it works!

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    Got my key now and it works. Thanks

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    Closing this thread now since the beta is over. Thank you all for playing :-)

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