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Thread: Help Playing as Egypt

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    Help Playing as Egypt

    So I've tried starting a game as Egypt at the earliest starting date and I get smashed by the Seleucids without fail each time. I've tried massing my admittedly huge armies that I start with but they have better generals and access to horses. Elephants don't seem to do much good and from a statistical perspective I don't see the use of them, but then again I don't really know what they are supposed to do.

    I always see the AI do well and Egypt tends to be the most powerful late game in most of my games.

    Anyone else had any luck? I'm open to any advice!
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    Honestly, from what I've seen, Egypt's survival and success depends a lot on 2 factors.

    1. Carthage focusing on Spain & Rome.
    2. Seleucid Empire focusing on Greece / the Georgian area.

    If either happens, Egypt is usually okay, but if both happens, Egypt becomes a total beast.

    For gameplay hints... in my experience just pray that the Seleucids get distracted by the northern end of the map, and try to eat into Carthage. But even then, it's a bit luck based in my experience. (note, I'm really not a terribly good player).

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    I'm a very defensive player, so I tend to pull my armies back and just try to hold Alexandria for the river bonus. The enemy will probably lose a bunch of men taking the Levant, and will suffer badly when attacking over the Nile.

    Pretty much the same thing I do in any war against a numerically superior foe
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    I'm not very sure as I haven't much played as Egypt but this is how I'd do it:

    Step 1. Nevermind your few provinces in Asia minor, they'll just slow don't the enemy as they'll siege them
    Step 2. Use the army that starts in Alexandria to kill the smaller Seleucid army that will attack your lands immediately in Phoenicia/Damascus
    Step 3. Use ships to move as much units as you can from east (the 2nd army) to reinforce the first army that is fighting
    Step 4. Hunt down and follow the large Seleucid armies with one or two very large armies and kill them, don't start heavy sieging yet if you can't do very quick attacks
    Step 5. Build more troops all the time, you have the money so use it. If I need large stacks I use 12 HI and 8 archers per stack (if you ask any hardcore player they'll tell that that isn't optimal but it seems to work nicely for me), if even more is needed I'll just add whatever I can
    Step 6. Once the big Seleucid armies are finished off build gazillion of single units (preferably horse archers which are the fastest units in the game so you can flee if needed) and start sieging everything you see, use ~10 unit armies to patrol for Seleucid stacks that can kill your siege forces

    Good luck beating the blob!

    Now I have huge urge to try this technique myself and see if it works at all...

    EDIT: I forgot one thing: NEVER lose any battle with your main army. Almost impossible to do but in this game one loss usually means losing the whole army as the AI will start chasing you and if you can't HEAVILY reinforce it immediately you'll be losing it.
    I tried the campaign myself and all went quite nicely but when I once didn't look what I was attacking and marched 30 unit army over a river on ~50 unit stack (in Syria/Edessa/Coele-Syria) and of course lost the whole bunch I was forced to retreat and start defending Sinai and Alexandria.
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