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Thread: Effects of raising or lowering taxes

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    Effects of raising or lowering taxes

    what are the benefits/consequences of raising and lowering taxes besides the obvious changes in fulfillment of needs of your different strata?
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    I believe (but may be wrong) that when you lower the tax of the rich people, they will/can invest more into the industry.
    While lowering tax of the middle man, gives them more money to buy products and thus increase economy.
    And the poor people no idea really. I hear most people put them on 100% tax.

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    The only effect it has is on the life needs of POPs. Other effects are indirect; e.g. resulting from whether or not POPs life needs are met. If not, militancy will go up and demotion may occur. If they are, consciousness will raise, promotion may occur, and POPs will save money or invest it.
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