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Thread: The Bastard Line - Norman Kings of England (Duke William of Normandy and Line) AAR

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    The Bastard Line - Norman Kings of England (Duke William of Normandy and Line) AAR

    Hello, so this is my first post on this forum, and my first after action report printed.

    I am going to be following the Normandie line (William the Conqueror) and his descendants and see where they end up in Europe.

    A brief bit of my game so far, I am only two months into the game. The battle for England is going well while elsewhere in Europe the King of Leon is fighting Muslim hordes for Toledo, the Holy Roman Empire is fighting Mecklenburg and the Shite Caliph has declared a war on Sultan Alp Alsan I of the Persian Sultanate at the same time they are fighting the Byzantine empire, even though the Persian Sultanate has 26,000 troops to start the game facing 20,000 Shites and 18,000 Byzantine soldiers should be interesting to watch.

    Please enjoy.

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    Duke William II of Normandy better known as the "Bastard"

    was 39 years old when he planned to invade England and claim it as his own kingdom for his Norman breathen over the Anglo-Saxon hordes that held alligences with King Harold II, who stole it from Duke William II when he did not acknowledge the Duke's claim when King Edward passed.

    But as of the start of September 15th, 1066 - the Duke had an army of just over 11,000 Norman soldiers, counts, and knights. Duke William successfully bethrotled his youngest son William to his sister - in - law's only female child and recruited 3,000 + Italian mercenaries to bring his army to over 15,200.

    With such a large army the Duke set sail after acquiring the Frisan Navy and he and his assembled forces arrived off the coast of York on September 28th, 1066. Reports were received that a large Norweigan force was beseiging the castle of York, but to the Duke's surprise the Norweign forces withdrew from York and from conflict with the English king on October 1st, 1066. Therefore, Duke William moved his forces in and landed on York beaches on October 6th, 1066, where an intact Anglo-Saxon horde of over 10,000 met them in the battle of York.
    Battle of York[/B]

    (October 6th, 1066 - November 17th, 1066)


    The battle raged inconclusively from October 6th to October 18th, when hired Frankish assassins were able to strike at the inner circle of King Harold's army (and family) and successfully kill the Duke of Norfolk, Duke Gyrth I. As winter began to set in at the end of October, Duke William II drove succesfully through King Harold's defenses up the centre and sent him fleeing. With this victory against his adversary by the middle of November (November 17th) the Anglo-Saxon horde was routed and the Duke had taken Duke Eadwin of Lancaster and Earl Godwin of Cornwall as prisoners.


    Over 10,000 lives were lost in the battle of York, nearly 8,000 on the English side, and nearly 2,200 Norman and Italian mercenary lives on the Duke's.

    With victory, the castle of York fell quickly, and as the Duke prepares to conqueor more territory as 1066 closes, there are reports coming from Eu and Rouen that Anglo-Saxon ships have appeared off the coast, with a possible English invasion force?

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