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Thread: How I can register Hoi1 and Victoria: An empire under sun

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    Question How I can register Hoi1 and Victoria: An empire under sun

    I need help because I have my Victoria 1 and HOI 1 and when I want to register them I can't find these games on the list. It's possible to register or not? And if it's possible to register how can i do it?

    culture = catalan
    religion = none
    ideology = social liberal
    militancy = 5
    consciousness = 9
    rebel_type = pan_nationalist_rebels
    government = democracy

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    Pretty Sure those games do not even come with forum registration codes so do not see how it is possible to register them.
    I mean what code would you enter?
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    Those games aren't on the list for the obvious reason that they neither have nor need forum registration.

    Older games with copy protection did not have or need forum registration. The whole forum registration thing was brought in only when Paradox decided that copy protecting CDs was pointless and disruptive to their customers, and didn't really dissuade pirates.
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