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Thread: On Sale Again at Amazon for an Amazing Price

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    On Sale Again at Amazon for an Amazing Price

    I thought I would pass this along.

    Amazon has Crusader Kings 2 in some bundles at an amazing price.

    The return of the Plentiful Paradox Package for $12.49. Includes Crusader Kings 2, Sword of the Stars 1 & 2, Victoria 2 and more.

    It's partner in crime. Pint-Sized Paradox Package for $7.49. This contains most of the DLC for Crusader Kings 2 along with Majesty 1 & 2.

    Or the combo pack. The Plethora of Paradox Games for $19.99.

    The whole sale list is here:
    Here is the list of all the sales.

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    Damn I just got this game earlier this week for $20 something dollars!
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    1. Buy the two packs instead of the combo pack.

    2. Save one cent.

    3. Change your life.

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    Save one cent.

    gain two games.

    4. Sword of the Stars - Complete Collection [Online Game Code]
    5. Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter [Download]
    no more unfinished IN AAR's

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    The sales expired but they are back again. I don't know for how long.

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    Anyone knows if it works in a MacBook Air or is only the Win version?



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