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Thread: Latin Caracole Cavalry or Gallop Cavalry?

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    Anyway, I did some math myself
    And I have to agree with Iwanow, that Gallope in 99% cases is better

    Will not write all the math, just say that +2Fire will add maximum +3,6 to average damage
    while +1Shock will add minimum +9,6 to average damage

    (considering 27 level: Fire modif = 0.3, Shock modif = 4; disc=100% and infantry opponents of 20-30 levels)
    Veni! Vidi! Calculi!

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    Which is why Latin Caracolle while it is good at level 22, it is crap at level 27. And also good thing to remember - defensive fire is more usefull to cavalry than offensive fire.

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