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Thread: NATO vs. Warsaw Pact mechanics?

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    NATO vs. Warsaw Pact mechanics?

    Any word yet on how exactly the Warsaw Pact/NATO antagonism is going to work?

    What about events to cause fragmentation between the blocs like with the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia?

    On a related note, Will Tito's Non-Aligned Movement be treated as a separate faction?

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    These would play as the major spheres of the game the NATO sphere would be ruled by the NATO council while WARSAW would be directed mostly just by the Russian Communist Party because much of the eastern bloc is dependent on the Russians to stay in power.

    Of course there would be minor spheres like The Commonwealth of Nations,Arab League,Maoists, not to mention the formations of new spheres out of recently independent states which were former colonies.

    Even the possibilities of minors spheres becoming major spheres like the Maoists.
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