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Thread: newbie seeks mentor

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    newbie seeks mentor

    i got the game from a friend in the summer sale and a few things are confusing, aparently wiki, and both guides (1.3 beginner and 1.1 handbook) seem outdated or just lack details about stuff (not to mention ingame a lot of tooltips would help that too)

    so i would look for a mentor, preferably someone who got xfire or steam and is alot online (ofcourse ) for generel newbie questions and details.

    currently i am trying to get around that whole trade thing, but there is more anyway ^^

    edit: my xfire name is rhenaya, steam too but somehow i wont be found by name with the add friend thingie http://steamcommunity.com/id/rhenaya
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    Shoot if this newbie is taken already for mentoring.. I could use one too :X.

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    Throwing questions up on the forum if I see them I will answer, I know others will too. Were all figuring this stuff out together.

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