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Thread: Time of Troubles---A Fascist Russia KR-AAR

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    Time of Troubles---A Fascist Russia KR-AAR

    Time of Troubles---A Fascist Russia KR-AAR

    NOTE: This AAR will have no gameplay pictures, it's told in a narrative/history book format. Furthermore, this AAR does not endorse a fascist or absolutist government in control of Russia IRL and is made solely for entertainment purposes.

    Another NOTE: And yes, my other USA AAR is dead, too much lag I suppose and I got bored trying to upload my gameplay images onto imageshack(which explains why there isn't a lot of images here). Hopefully this one won't share the same fate. I might do a redux of it one day but for now let's focus on restoring Mother Russia to it's former glory!

    Game version: Darkest Hour 1.02b2/Kaiserreich 1.3
    Scenario: Default Kaiserreich scenario
    Difficulty: Normal/Furious
    Full IC takeover: ON
    Full Tech team takeover: ON
    Used cheats: I will use money if my funds are very low and sometimes acceptall for some diplomatic events. I also increased max tech team capacity to 10. If my manpower hits critical mass, I have events cheats modded in so I will use a small manpower boost to stabilize it.



    The year is 1936, it's been 20 years since the end of the Civil War and the defeat of Lenin and the Bolsheviks at the hands of Alexander Kerensky and the "United Front" of White Armies, and they were helped, in many ways, by German intervention after their victory over the Central Powers during the Great War---or the Weltkrieg as it's called in Germany. However, the victory came at a great cost. Russia lost much of it's land to Germany, and is now all but a rump, failed state-- Ukraine, Belarous, and the Baltics, all which became German puppets. And there wasn't anything Russia could do about it. For years, Kerensky and his coalition have dominated the government of Russia through manipulated elections and the lack of strong opposition. And has guided the nation of Russia for all these years because of that.

    Alexander Kerensky, the man who "unified" Russia

    1936 is a dark time for Russia. Kerensky's government has only control of Moscow and the surrounding areas, and total anarchy and disorder reign elsewhere. Bolshevik leaders have simply fled underground following their defeat , and are plotting their revenge. Meanwhile pro-monarchist and reactionary forces are plotting against the President, wanting to restore the lost glory of Russia. This has been seen in the plot by Admiral Kolchak to overthrow Kerensky after falling out with him and fleeing to the Japanese Protectorate of Transamur. This attempted coup had only been a sign of things to come.....

    The tensions, buried for a long time had finally flared up on January 2, 1936, when Alexander Kerensky was giving a speech to a large audience. At that time, a lone sniper appeared and shot him through the head. Kerensky was dead the moment the bullet hit him.

    With Kerensky's death, the coalition of Kadets and Social-Revolutionaries collapsed. And a power vacuum started to emerge. The Left-SR Mensheviks wanted to use this opportunity to create a majority in the Duma, Aristocrats from the old Tsarist regime wanted Grand Duke Dmitri Romanov installed as President, a pawn that they can easily control, and Marshal Denikin, a major White Army leader in the Russian Civil War, attempted to seize control of the State with the help of his forces.

    However, victory would come to neither of them..................but to another general---Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, the feared "Black Baron of Russia". One who would destroy the Syndicalists, one who remembered and wanted to restore Russia a time when Russia was strong. A time when none would dare to humiliate Russia as it had been humiliated. A time when Russia was ruled by a Tsar, a Caesar..................
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    Act 1: The General Seizes Power

    General Vlassov and his officiers preparing to seize control of the Duma

    Immediately after the death of Kerensky, both Denikin and Wrangel's armies made a mad dash for the palace of St. Petersburg, trying to establish control. And both hired mercenaries to prevent the Mensheviks from convening in the Duma and declaring a new government. Ultimately, after a brutal firefight between Royalists, SR-Mensheviks and the mercenaries hired by both generals, it was Wrangel's officers, led by his second-in-command, Andrei Vlasov, that seized control of the state apparatus. This sent shockwaves all over Russia, and many, seeing the rise of the ultranationalist Wrangelist faction marched out in the streets to protest the restoration of absolutist rule, dissent across Russia skyrocketed, and across the world, the nations of the Entente, Internationale and MittleEuropa all called emergency meetings to address the situation, with many of them condemning the situation in Russia.

    Meanwhile, at the same time in Europe, the most Radical members of the Internationale------Oswald Mosley, Lavrentiy Beria, Benito Mussolini, and Georges Valois are meeting, they plan to announce a new ideology to the world, and given their radical nature, many worry about the contents of their new ideology, which may border on totalitarianism and despotism, worrying the more moderate members of the Internationale.

    At the same time, in Mongolia, the rouge Russian General Roman Ungern Von Sternberg, the "Mad Baron of Mongolia", self proclaimed "Genghis Khan reborn" plans to unify all former Mongolian lands under the banner of the new Mongolian empire.

    Not too long after, on January 12th, Mosley announces the new ideology---Totalism(AKA: Totalitarian Socialism) , a combination of radical Syndicalist ideologies to the world, his fellow hardliner Syndicalists around the world agrees with this new ideology, with the ideology being supported by the Bolshevik Nikolai Bukharin. As all of this happens the more moderate members of the Socialist nations can only look on in fear and hope that their people reject this form of despotism by preventing "Totalists" from seizing control of major areas in government.

    Meanwhile, the Oltenia has been re-militarized by the Romanian Iron Guard, triggering shockwaves around MittleEuropa,

    On January the 14th, the Brazilian Communist party dissolved itself, a setback to the establishment to Syndicalism around the world.

    With so many events converging, humanity is, for good or ill, on the precipice as the world is falling into chaos.

    And only one person can restore order not just to Russia, but to the world.
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    Act 2: A New Order

    Wrangel's army patrols the streets, suppressing all dissident

    Not long after Wrangel's army of ultranationalists seized control of the state, they sent their armies to suppress any dissident. Curfew was enforced to be 8 o'clock and the army was given "shoot to kill" orders on anyone they see that comes out after Curfew or is seen protesting against the coup. Secret information networks controlled by the Ultranationalists for many years were essential in finding dissident and liquidating them.

    As a reward for his services, General Vlassov was promoted to be the Head of Government in the new Regime. Immediately after the formation of the New Government, a major purge of eight officers who opposed the new regime occurred. The regime than shifted whatever industrial capacity that Russia had into the production of consumer goods and the suppression of dissident. Wrangel knew that the army of Russia was undersupplied and in a poor shape, but unless dissident is put down and silenced, and the regime stabilized, there would be no way of rebuilding Russia's military into a formidable military force.

    In Germany, Black Monday occurs, plummeting Russia's economy to new lows. The new government will have to work hard to restore Russia's economy to a formidable force.

    Meanwhile elections in the Commune of France occurred between January 24-, with the Totalist Sorelian Jaques Doriot winning the position of Army commander, the even more radical Totalists, Waldeck Rochet, Marcel Cachin and Jean Jerome of the Jacobin faction were elected as head of intelligence, foreign minister and economics, respectively, with the victory of Marcel Cachin, who preached world revolution being met with harsh condemnation by Germany. The position of minister of security however, was taken by the more moderate Maurice Joyeux of the Anarchist faction. All in all, this was a nightmare scenario for the moderate socialists--------the most radical of the Totalists won important positions in government, and elected Marcel Deat as president of the Commune of France. The moderates elsewhere can only hope that Mosley and Mussolini do not have similar victories in Britain and Socialist Italy.

    On the other side of the world, Emperor Pu Yi of the Qing Empire announced that the empire is entering a new era of reformation. The Qing military would start a huge buildup and be modernized. But would that be able to restore the glory of the Qing Empire and end a century of humiliation at the hands of the west?

    As all of this unfolds, King George V, the British monarch-in-exile of Canada has died, he is succeeded by his son, Edward VIII. The young king is torn between support for the British loyalists, led by the Canadian Conservative leader, RB Bennett, who wants to retake the British isles, and the Liberal faction, led by William Lyon Mackenzie king, who wants to focus on the social and economic development of Canada, ultimately, he decides not to commit to any faction.......for now.

    In the US, Mafia attacks have escalated, and the Socialist Republic of Italy has cut all trade and closed itself from the USA. Situation in the US has been degrading since the assassination of Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt by a far-right member of the Conservative American First Party, with clashes between the Syndies vs the government of unpopular US President Herbert Hoover vs American Firsters escalating----the dissident resulting from the world première of Charlie Chaplin, a known radical socialist has been attended by the various Syndicalist and Communist parties of America, including major socialist leaders like the journalist-turned-politician John "Jack" Reed and the Totalist leader William Z. Foster, and signifies the growing discontent with capitalism in America, as well as a summary of the inadequate situation there.

    Back in Russia, Wrangel took his oath of office February 13th, 1936, promising not to be a tyrant who will drag Russia into Rruin, but a saviour who will guide Russia to a bright new future. For Russia these events represents a uncertain point in human history----and time will tell if Wrangel leads Russia to salvation----------or destruction.
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    Act 3: Escalating Tensions

    Not long after Wrangel's oath of office as Vozyd of Russia, he focused Russian research to Naval research, as Russia needs a strong and powerful navy, a factor that is needed to be applied after the catastrophic defeat of Russia at the hands of Japan's superior forces in 1905. At the same time, he also focused some research teams on improving infantry equipment and industry to modernize Russia's ground forces and economy.

    At the same time Wrangel made a major announcement----the government will be reorganized into a centralized totalitarian corporate state that controls all levels of society through a centralized government. There was a massive rise in dissident resulting from this, and the dissenters were quickly surprised through use of arms.

    However, whatever attempts to suppress dissident were constantly hindered by terrorist assassinations of important White generals such as general Kazakov, bombings, and many other terrorist acts committed by Syndicalists and Anarchists all over the countryside, in response to this the Russian Government reintroduced Okhrana, the Tsarist secret police, to suppress the Anarchists. Not long afterwards, hundreds of alleged "enemies of the state" are captured, held in trials across the country and executed, placed into life imprisonment, or exiled. There is still a lot of dissident in Russia, but it all seems to be stabilizing now, and hopefully will decrease in the months to come.

    Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo has brutally killed thousands of Haitians in an event called the Parsley massacre, this provoked a war between the Dominican Republic and Haiti as Trujillo seeks to unite all of Hispaniola under one flag and the Haitians want to depose him for his crimes. The resulting war caused the Entente to intervene, as the Caribbean Federation sought to incorporate both the Dominicans and the Haitians into the Federation, declaring war on both groups. Since Russia is so weak at the moment it has no business to intervene on any of the sides there or seize the Caribbean for itself.

    In Europe, tensions between the Union of Britain and Ireland escalates on March 16, 1936, leading to the Union of Britain sending it's navy to Ireland as a show of Force. The Irish appeals to MittleEuropa to help, but the Kaiser refuses, fearing a war with Britain. Ever since the announcement of Totalism and the triumph of Totalists in the French elections, the Internationale grows more dangerous every day.......

    In the US, the ultraconservative Anti-Semitic priest Father Charles Coughlin of the American First party broadcasts hateful messages directed against the Jews on the radio, blaming the current social and economic crisis in the US on a Jewish-controlled secret society of corrupt Freemasons called the "Illuminati", as well as a conspiracy of Jewish Bankers led by the wealthy Rothschild family. The theocratic Italian Federation condemned these hateful messages and asked the US to shut Coughlin's radio broadcasts of hate on the CBS down, in which the US agreed. Not long afterwards, a major flood occurred in the US during St. Patrick's day, and the government funded relief efforts to help the survivors of the disaster.

    On March 19th, 1936, France announces the date in which the third Internationale congress will be held, all Syndicalist nations are expected to attend. The Russian government is keeping tabs on this to see how Syndicalist foreign policy will be established and the best ways to counter it.

    In Transamur, protests occur against autocratic rule of the regime of the rouge White Admiral Alexander Kolchak , the regime does not submit to these protests or make any reforms. Wrangel observes the situation in Transamur carefully, seeing if his former ally would make any false moves..........

    More closely to Russia is the situation of Mongolia, which is sending troops to help the Mongol minority in Xibei Yiyuan. The Russians are worried about their belligerent neighbour there and plan to attack, however, at this point war is simply too risky to be done.

    In the meantime between April 4th 1936 and the Socialist Republic of Italy holds the fourth congress of the Greater Italian Union to direct the future of the nation, it was another chance for the Totalists to increase their growing power in the Internationale. However, here, unlike in France they did not win, with the Fourth Congress agreeing with the Anarchists on Internal, Military and Economic policies. Thus, unlike France, Italy pursued a more moderate path. But would Britain do the same?

    On April 26th, 1936, the Arab Congress occurred, it was attended by members of the Arab Nations of Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Arabia, and Yemen. During the Arab Congress, Egypt expressed interesting in owning Jordan and Palestine, and Arabia expressed interest in owning the southern Arab lands.

    Back in Russia, a Mayor in a city wanted to hold a patriotic ceremony in memory of the victory of the Russian Civil War, this was approved, and it should serve to boost morale and reduce dissident.

    On May 4th, 1936, the Third International Congress finally occurred, it was attended by delegates from Italy, Georgia, Mexico, Britain, and the Bhartiya Commune. During the Congress, France declared its intention to overthrow the "Internationale Bourgeoisie", a move condemned by both Russia and MittleEuropa. And on the growing Anarchist stirrings in Spain, France decreed that they are fine on their own, through Britain declares to send as much aid to the CNT-FAI as possible. Finally, on the issue of Syndicalism in America, all groups pledged support for Jack Reed and the Syndicalist movement in America. In response the Russian government decides to keep an eye on Syndicalist movements in Spain and America, as well as escalating tensions between it and the Internationale.

    NOTE: ?? No responses yet?
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    Usually I prefer with screenshots but here it does not bother me. Great AAR!

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    Act 4: Age of Revolutions

    In Italy, pope Pius XI has died, he was succeeded by Pius XII as chosen by the Cardinals, and moved to be a more faith-based society, this move was condemned by the Socialist Republic of Italy, which claimed that Religion was a enemy of the working class,

    In Britain, the Trade Unionist Congress occurred, it was decided that during the Congress that Canada is to be Britain's enemy and must be defeated at all means, that economic autonomy must be brought to the home nations, and a decentralized economic policy. This led to the establishment of the Autonomists as a major power in the Union of Britain, and it seemed that aside from in France , the Totalists were defeated in BOTH Italy and Britain, for now...........

    And as a result of the Autonomist victory, the Union of Britain was decentralized to a point where it breaks up into Britain, Scotland and Wales. Time will tell if further autonomy for Britain will work or fail as a political experiment.

    In Romania, the Monarchists revolt against the Iron Guard, the Romanian civil is beginning, who will win?

    But the biggest event right now is the November elections in the United States. The US government, despite coming under pressure from US General Douglas MacArthur to suspend elections and establish a junta to end the chaos, decided to go through with them anyways. The nominees in the 1936 elections were Herbert Hoover's vice president, Charles Curtis, democrat nominee John Nance Garner, as well as the Syndicalist Jack Reed and the Ultraconservative American First Huey Long. Despite fears that the voter turnout would be low due to the chaos, voter turnout was high and in some polls, both of the radical candidates was poised to lead, having established footholds in the North-East and the South-East. However, much to the US government's relief, it was a mainstream politician that won----Charles Curtis in fact. But, despite the support that Curtis has received from outgoing President Hoover, would he be able to stabilize America? For at this moment, both Long, Reed and their supporters are calling out the election as "fraudulent", with Long establishing a paramilitary group called the "Minute Men". Reed causes more strikes, causing Curtis to negotiate with him, through Long is left out of the negotiations. Both the American First Party and the state of California protest against this move, and riots materialize in Louisville and Pensacola.

    As a result of all of this, Long forms the American Union State and declares war on America, at the same time, the Pacific states of America secede from America. Not long after, Reed leaves the alliance with Curtis, declaring America to be a Worker's state. The Second American civil war has begun! Immediately, the states where Reed and Long swept during the elections secede and join their respective sides.

    In Ukraine, Syndicalist Nikita Khrushchev makes a speech calling for revolution against Germany and it's allied government in Ukraine. He is arrested as a result, the Rada is dissolved and the Hetmanate is restored.

    Execution of Admiral Kolchak

    However, the biggest surprise occurred in Transamur, where the people, fed up with Admiral Kolchak's autocratic measures rose up against the Admiral. The rebels have made a backroom deal with Japan to not intervene as they will remain loyal to Japan and cites that Kolchak is actually playing Japan to restore Russia. The Japanese did not intervene, and Kolchak was captured and executed by the rebels, who placed Ivan Vysoitsky as the new leader.

    Korean Rebels preparing to fight the Japanese

    But while the rebels in Transamur had the support of the Japanese Government, another group of rebels rose up against them---------the people of Korea have had enough of Japanese rule and decided to rise up. However, the Japanese are more superior to the Koreans, and the revolt is not expected to win by anyone.

    Meanwhile in Russia, things appear to be stabilizing, and with things stabilizing it is time to confront some important questions about the future of Russia. The first issue was the issue of Orthodoxy, which Wrangel stated will be part of the state. However, he did not give them further powers to prevent them from having too much powers to challenge him.

    Another issue that rose to prominence is the issue of economic & military development. It is decided, against the wishes of the population, for Russia to have a strong military. Forced conscription was thus introduced. The result of this caused dissident to rise to extremely high levels, but once again, Wrangel is confident that the dissident would be suppressed through force and intimidation. For economics, Wrangel believed in absolute state control, as he believed that a centrally controlled economy would boost Russia to the modern age.

    The second issue was the issue of the Naval Reform. For Naval Reform, Wrangel decided to appoint Robert Von Wiren, whose doctrines will allow him to fight large open sea battles, something that Wrangel expects to face against the enemies of Russia. Wrangel then appoints himself as Chief of Staff, believing that the most effective military is one where a centralized high command controls the military.

    Wrangel appoints himself as Chief of Staff

    Military wise, the Russian Army seems to be slowly regaining some of it's strength and supplies as the easing of dissident allowed for some IC to be shifted to maintaining supplies and reinforcements.

    However, at the same time, as Russia tries to reassert itself, a radical group lurks in the shadows----the "Nova Bolsheviki" block formed from former Communists during the Russian Civil War and the Radical leftists, it is very possible that they will try to take part in, and influence the government whatever it takes.........

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    Act 5: A new Tsar

    As the American Civil War raged on in early 1937, both Reed and Long had to pick a vice-president for the new order they want to establish. Reed, emulating the moderate approach occurring in Europe picked the Syndicalist Paul Mattick instead of the Totalist William Z. Foster or Earl Browder. In fact, all factions of the Civil War picked moderate members to run the government, with Long picking the aviator Charles Lindbergh as vice-president of the American Union State, and California being run by a Civilian government. But whatever plans they had for America after the war will have to wait, as it is still raging on. And in response to this chaos, Canada has also stepped in---seizing New England & the Panama canal to contain the chaos, creating the Puppet State of New England in the process. The War has only just begun, and it will have an effect on the Americas as a whole. Meanwhile, Hawaii also takes the opportunity to secede, along with many of it's islands? How many other states will also secede before the war is over?

    Canadian Tank on the way to occupy New England

    In Africa, with the loss of American power over the African colony of Liberia, asks the remnants of the former French Government for protection, the French agree and makes Liberia a puppet of National France.

    Meanwhile, Austria decides to centralize the Dual Monarchy with Hungary, which accepts. At the moment Austria, along with many of the Balkan states are merging, the Austro-Hungarian empire is reborn with a conservative government led by Kurt Schuschnigg leading it.

    In Asia, Japan was beginning to surpress the Korean revolt when another revolt, this time in Taiwan, backed by the resurgent Qing Empire surfaces. However, this was suppressed by Japan just as quickly as the last one.

    In the Middle East, Egypt and Arabia grows closer, forming a Cairo-Riyadh alliance to counter the growing threat of the Ottoman Empire. Eventually, this alliance grows to include Persia, forming a Cairo-Riyadh-Tehran alliance.

    In Mid 1937, the US civil war continues, and while no side has yet to gain a victory, it seems that the odds are in the favour of the US, which has captured important cities such as Louisville, Nashville and Memphis from the AUS.

    Back in Russia, a major event is occurring, the leader Russia for a year, General Wrangel is making a major announcement about his role in the government. A large pro-Wrangel crowd numbering in the thousands is cheering as he comes onto the podium....

    However, all is not stable. Russia has made significant improvements in reducing dissident and rearming, but the Nova Bolsheviki bloc, as well as Left-SR Mensheviks are forming a large protests to march up to St. Petersburg, their goal? A coup of Wrangel taken during Wrangel's announcement.

    All of this converged during the morning of March 18th, where Wrangel is to make an important announcement surroundings his status as ruler of Russia:

    Wrangel: "People of the Russia....our nation has been through very difficult times. Russia was once one of the most powerful, respected nations in the entire world. This strength continued all the way through the years of Tzars, and when the country proved that strength by crushing Napoleon and his French invaders, and becoming a true great power! After the Weltkrieg however, that all changed. After the Weltkrieg, Russia was reduced to a shadow of its former self. Stripped of its territory, its economy, and its honour, Russia was forced to watch as Germany began to advance to our very borders. Even now, the Baltic States have been taken into the MittleEuropa's orbit, with Georgia being a festering ground for Syndicalism!"

    "This cannot stand. The time has come for Russia to reunite with its lost brothers from central Asia, to the Caucuses mountains, to the plains of the Ukraine. We must stand united behind one flag, the flag of the new Russian empire! An empire that will march to victory in the face of foreign oppression!"

    "One nation, one empire, one Tsar, one Vozhd!"

    General Wrangel's coronation robes

    The coronation of Pyotr Wrangel, now Tsar Peter IV, was one of the most divisive events in Russian history. For when he made that speech, hundreds of thousands of cheering crowds came out in droves, waving either the yellow-black-and-white flag of the Wranglists or the flag of the Russian Empire in solidarity with their new Tsar. However, at the same time, a more angrier crowd entered St. Petersburg shouting "Russia Without Wrangel!" and in some cases, singing the Internationale. One of the protesters actually conveyed his feelings, a song against Wrangel:

    We drink to our youth, to days come and gone.
    For the age of oppression is just about done.
    We'll drive out the Wrangelists and restore what we own.
    With our blood and our steel we'll take back our home.
    Down with Wrangel! The Tsar of lies!
    On the day of your death we'll drink and we'll sing.
    We're the children of Russia, and we fight all our lives.
    And when heaven beckons, every one of us dies!
    But this land is ours and we'll see it wiped clean.
    Of the scourge that has sullied our hopes and our dreams!

    The ceremony denigrated into a fierce riot between Wrangelists and the liberal and Syndicalist protesters, with the Army and the Okhrana sent in to aid the Wrangelists. After three days, many were dead or injured, but the Wrangelists stood victorious----there were simply too many of them to be stopped by a poorly-organized protest. Many of the protesters were either executed or imprisoned with lengthy jail sentences imposed onto them.

    A new Tsar has risen in Russia...............and history will be forever changed.
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    Go Tsar Peter IV! Long live Holy Rus, and all her sons and daughters!

    I have to admit I chuckled a bit seeing 'Age of Oppression' in a DH AAR
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    Nice. I'll subscribe to this.

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    What's this aboot tanks?
    Earth Needs You!
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    Awesome, is it possible to get at least a screen shot or a map of some kind to show the areas under government control?

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    Themesong of this AAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by oberstbrooksy View Post
    Awesome, is it possible to get at least a screen shot or a map of some kind to show the areas under government control?
    Most of Russia in fact, so there will not be Siberian secession movements. Most of the Leftist groups that aren't purged have fled underground. But even through dissent is low the Civil War on the other hand..............

    Act 6: The Second Russian Civil War

    Now, with Wrangel firmly in power, and Andrei Vlassov leading the government as Prime Minister, it is time to rebuild the Russian Empire. In an announcement made to the resurgent Russian Empire on April 9th 1937, Wrangel declared that Russia does not rule all the Russias-----and must now expand! Their first target will be the Caucasus states and they will re-assert their rule through either diplomacy or war!

    But however, all of this has to wait, because after all of this, the leftists were not done yet. The protests was merely a prelude to a larger, more violent coup.

    The "People's Militia in St. Petersburg

    As soon as the protests in St. Petersburg were suppressed, another round of protests began, a more violent Bolshevik-led coup to be exact. The coup started in the cities of Moscow and Vitebsk and quickly spread to the other areas in Russia. Since most of the Army were redirected to St. Petersburg, they couldn't protect Moscow, and Moscow falls to this "coup". The "People's Militia" as they called themselves then marched from Moscow and many of the Urban areas to St. Petersburg. The "peaceful" mob in St. Petersburg was quickly followed by a more violent one. At that moment, Nikolai Bukharin, emerges triumphantly to a large crowd of cheering Syndicalists, proclaiming the establishment of the "Soviet Republic" and the "final war" against imperialism in Russia. The Second Russian Civil War has begun!

    Bolshevik rebels celebrate the creation of the Soviet Republic

    As one civil war rages, another seems to be winding down. In America Douglas MacArthur has usurped the president for his failure to destroy the AUS and the CSA and ushered in a military junta that will finish the war. He managed to broker a treaty with California, and re-incorporate California into the Union. The AUS is winning many battles against the CSA and it looks like at this moment it might just come down to a final battle between MacArthur vs Long.

    However, as the civil war in America starts to end, a second Civil War begins in Spain. Repressed Anarchists----the CNT-FAI declare independence from Spain, at the same time Reactionary Carlists also declare independence from Spain, supported by Nationalist France. Russia decides to send supplies to the Kingdom of Spain, as the Syndicalists and Carlists are against Wrangel's interests. But who will win this three-way war?

    And now, when all of this is happening Japan plans an offer for Russia----it plans to invade Mongolia and allow Russia to join. Wrangel gladly accepts-----------but with a careful eye-------------the Russians want all of Mongolia and Sternburg's head on a pike! They will watch this offer, the "Pact of Vladivostok" carefully, to see if the Japanese would betray them and use them as pawns. However, given the civil war......it's unlikely this will be resolved anytime soon.
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    Act 7: The End of the Civil War

    During the initial phases of the Civil War, the Army encircled the Bolshevik zones, with Field Marshal Korneilov leading the charge. The initial attack was in five directions, 1 to Moscow, 1 to Novgorod, 1 to Borovichi, 1 to Kinry, and 1 to Kingisepp. The army stationed near the borders of finland will attack Petrograd.

    The Bolsheviks were supported by all of the Internationale who tried to give infanty and supplies to them. Imperial Russia meanwhile, was supplied by National France and Germany, who gave them divisions that were soon organized into a "Intervention Division" by general Semyonov.

    Aside from the main group of rebels in the urban areas, a smaller uprising occured in Tsaritsyn and Kalach-on-Don. This was quickly suppressed by an army led by Lt. General Kokorin.

    Another small revolt occurred in Kuybyshevka-Vostochnaya, and spread to Ekimchan. This was also put down quickly by the army stationed there.

    However, the crisis was made worse by the entry of the Cossaks into the war, as they wanted some of Russia's territory. Wrangel vows to crush them, the Syndicalists, and any other "enemy of the empire".

    Moscow fell on June 3, 1937 to Korneilov, it won't be long before the fall of the Red Army. The Soviets engaged the Imperial forces in Dno and Kirishi but were beaten on both fronts as Russian forces close in on Petrograd. On June 13th, 1937, the Red Army, led by Field Marshal Tukhachevsky mounted a assault in Gatchina, but was routed by General Alekseev.

    The final strongholds of the Red Army were in Gdov and Luga. The army in Gdov is attacked by Mamontov and the larger army in Luga, commanded by Yegorov by Erdli.

    In the war against the Cossacks, it is going well, partly because of their outdated equipment and technology. By July the 2nd, large swaths of territory were seized, with attacks planned on Krasnodar and Grozny. Both of these attacks were sucessful.

    And finally, on July 17, 1937, Korneilov makes his march onto St. Petersburg, known to the Bolsheviks as "Petrograd" or "Leningrad". It was guarded by only one Calvary division led by General Gorelen, who mounted a desperate last stand.

    At the same time, another enemy was falling---the Don-Kuban Union. Their last strongholds---Novorossiysk and Grozny were falling, and the garrison in Novorossiysk were expected to surrender in a few hours.

    In America, both Reed and Long have made an Alliance to defeat McArthur. But it's unknown if it can be effective or will stand against the Federalists.

    In Europe, France attempts to claim the Swiss territory of Geneva. However, Germany threatens war over attacking the neutral territory of Switzerland. As a result, France decides to hold back...........for now.

    The Date August 6, 1937 was a major moment in Russian history, for that was when the resurgent Russian Empire destroyed not one enemy, but two. On August 6th, Russian soldiers entered St. Petersburg and found the Bunker of the entire Politburo, who were captured and excecuted. Their leaders Michail Frunze and Nikolai Bukharin were attempting suicide when they were captured. Both were tried and executed by hanging immediately in front of a military court. All around Russia Wranglists come out in crowds larger than the crowd during the coronation to celebrate the final destruction of Bolshevism. In the Don-Kuban union, the last stronghold of the Cossacks, Maykop was also seized. The Don-Kuban government immediately surrended not long after.

    However, as one war ends.........another begins, for Finland, seeing the chaos in Russia decides to make it's move and claim the lands of Karelia, the end of one war has only led to another..............

    NOTE: The Civil War had to be fired by f12 as my dissident was too low for it to happen normally---I shifted my IC to full consumer goods, my apologies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiserMuffin View Post
    Themesong of this AAR

    Nice! Posted on first post of thread now!
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    Interesting. I go Denikin/that carrier guy myself when choosing military leaders, but whatever.
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    Most interesting. I would like to see the taking back of all Imperial lands, from Warsaw to Juneau, and from Helsinki to Tblisi. God save Tsar Peter IV! Боже, храни царя Петра IV!
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    Act 8: The Winter War

    Finnish Gunmen during the Russo-Finnish war(also known as the "Winter War")

    The Finns started by advancing on Belomorsk to cut supplies to St. Petersburg, and managed to occupy Belomorsk and Kem. However, an advantage that the Russians had in this war was that many of their troops after the Russian Civil War was placed along the Finnish border, and launched an attack from there.

    The attack on Helsinki is led once again by Russian Civil War veterans Field Marshal Alekseev and Kornilov, while General Grigory Semyonov attacked Kestenga as a "side flank" to divert troops from Helsinki, as well as to retake Kem.

    Siege of Helenski was defended by General Martin Wetzer. The capital was guarded by only a meager amount of soldiers and fell, outnumbered 30 to 1 to the Russians on August 26, 1937. However, the defenders fought hard and the attacking forces took much damage.

    However, then the Finnish plan was revealed..........a motorized division led by Philipp von Hessen retook the province of Viipuri in order to cut off Russian supply lines. They were bombed by planes commanded by Lt.General Smirnov. However, the opening allowed a second division to march onto St. Petersburg, which was occupied AGAIN. The Finns will make the Russians fight for every inch!

    This has been seen when Wrangel, seeing the fall of Helsinki, decided to send a envoy to discuss peace terms with Finland. However, the king of Finland, Frederick said "We NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH THE RUSSIANS!!" and made the envoy run out in fear.

    A third army, led by Field Marshal Verzhbitsky, attacked Sortavala from Petrozavodsk, hoping to retake major supply lines.

    Meanwhile the Qing and their enemies, the Fundamentalist Shangqing Tianguo have entered negotiations, Shangqing demands concessions, however, the Qing managed to pressure them back into the empire. The Chinese Empire will only grow even more larger as time passes............will it prove to be a threat to Russia?

    Poland has recently asked for an election to recreate the Commonwealth, leading to the election of Mendog III as king(through in the Sejm elections of 1937, they chose the far-right Roman Dmowski to lead them). Lithuania asked Germany for help in the election due to the silence of the Grand Council, but Germany chose not to intervene in the elections.

    Austro-Hungary is once again eager to join an alliance in this new unfolding world order, and Germany is once again ready to ally with them. The old members of the Entente during the Weltkrieg are allies again.

    In America, the US Civil war, despite MacArthur's leadership seems to be in a stalemate, with the CSA and AUS alliance still controlling the East Coast. However, Chicago, the Capital for the CSA since the beginning of the war, was re-captured. Perhaps signifiying a turn of events for the USA. And in Memphis, riots are breaking out against the AUS in support of the US government. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, seeing the Rise of Native Nationalism everywhere, the Monarchy was restored.

    In Spain, it seems that the Syndicalist CNT-FAI was winning against the Kingdom of Spain. But will they win against the Carlists in this three way war?

    And eventually, despite heavy resistance and sneak tatics in the war against Finland, the Finns are finally beginning to fall. On September the 13th 1937, Russian soldiers re-occupied Viipuri, reconnecting the supply line with Russia, and retook St. Petersburg not long after. On September 19th, 1937, the Finnish army led by General Nenoen holding out in Kemijarvi also surrendered after being enclosed for so long. The Finns once again tried to retake Helsinki but were beaten back. On September 21, 1937 the Finnish army in Pori dissolved due to lack of supplies. On October 10, 1937, Russians fully occupied Finland. The Russo-Finnish war, also known as the Winter War was finally over.

    After 2 months, with the Don-Kuban region has been reincorporated into Russia and Finland slowly being reincorporated as well. Russians have regained a major part of their empire. Perhaps, after so long in darkness and despair after two Communist Revolutions, two Civil Wars resulting from these revolutions, and a failed Provisional government, Russia may return to the World Stage after all............

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