I want to edit the scenario as to make it much more playable and balanced. I hope to use the scenario for MP games as many people prefer that to 1936 due to the reduced pre-war period they have to play through. I do want it to be relatively historical but playability and balance are my main aims.

Some ideas I have are:
To add 20%-60% infra in high resource and high IC provinces, depending upon the terrain while also editing the IC allocation with nations.
Edit the researched techs for all the majors (and maybe others) for more balance.
Edit the airfields and naval bases, creating a lot more of them (as 1936 has more then 1938??!!)
Possibly put Iraq back into the Allies and have it as a puppet state of the UK as in the 1936 scenario.
Reduce the peace time IC penalty for certain nations (i.e. Canada and Netherlands) while creating one for others (i.e. Belgium).

I have already started doing some edits on the infra and IC but I might wait until 1.08 is released, but I'd like to hear some ideas in the meantime.