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Thread: What the heck is decadence!?

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    What the heck is decadence!?

    I stopped playing ck2 for a while and now this epic patch is here i love playing it again.However i now am playing as a new game with sword of islam and i see this thing called decadence what is its purpose? does this mean i shouldn't give land to any of my family members? what is the best way to lower decadence.

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    It's a concept to represent that, in Islamic realms, if your family is not powerful enough to rule, it will be replaced after a revolt.

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    very intresting so i can give land to relatives but if they are not up to the status qua of the other relatives it causes decadence?

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    decadence means a "luxurious self-indulgence". Basically the decadence value is a percentage and the higher it is the unhappier your populace is. People do tend to get unhappy when you spend the money for famine relief on your 5th royal palace.

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    When I see decadence I see arrest all your brothers and give no one in your family land. If they happen to get some send an army of assassins after them.

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    so could giving money to mayors and building city buildings help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theotian View Post
    so could giving money to mayors and building city buildings help?
    No. Your court chaplin can perform a mission to give alms which does help though.

    The best way to manage decadence is to just imprision your entire family. It's not worth trying to land them as it gets too hard. Especially when they then go on to have 6 kids of their own...

    You can imprision any family member except your sons without tyranny. Give a dukedom to your sons and then take it away (tyrany free) then give it back to them and take it away again untill they revolt to imprison your sons. Educate all your sons yourself and you should end up with a golden child who you can heap lands and titles on to carry on your good work.

    It's a bit annoying tbh as it forces you into a pretty gamey way of playing and doesn't allow you to grow your family very much the way you would in a Christian game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theotian View Post
    so could giving money to mayors and building city buildings help?
    No, you either have to land all of your sons with high enough titles (depends on your own title) or wait till your heir succeeds and then imprison your brothers. In Muslim culture, your allowed to imprison and execute relatives as long as they're not your sons.
    Also, there are events that help lower your dynasty's decadence.
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    OK thanks everyone should make this a little more challenging but with so many new features it wont stop me from playing lol.

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