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Thread: The Reversing of the Tide

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    The Reversing of the Tide

    Hi all! My previous Jerusalem AAR is on hold due to inability to save and my weariness of modding the game to fit the AAR.
    The title refers to my attempt, as the Byzantine Empire (cue the Rome AARisen copycat cries) to reverse the tide of history and Jihad and reconquer all lands lost to Islam between ~635 and 1066, starting with Anatolia.

    I shouldn't worry about defeat, because everybody knows that Byzatnium (COUGH COUGH) oh I mean the Roman Empire always stays stable and never collapses, at least until the next patch.

    Except if it's in the hands of an incompetent playing his first game without cheats...

    I'll be using the latest version of idib816's excellent The Prince and The Thane mod, god help me.
    EDIT: Prince and Thane isn't working, will use CK2+ instead.

    Let all the enemies of Rome speak the words (in their Arabic version at least) Kyrie Eleison!

    But no help from the Lord shall come to infidels or heretics! Their only hope is my crappy playing!

    Tune in later today to see it for yourselves!
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    Now that's an interesting introduction XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedrek View Post
    Now that's an interesting introduction XD
    very intredasting
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