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Thread: Cant perform plot

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    Cant perform plot

    So i created a plot from the guys character window, it's the husband of my daughter, he is Polish, I play Polotsk.
    Now I got enough backers: 109%. But I cannot perform the plot. I get no events that allows me to kill the bastard, who's son will take one of my counties.
    Is there any other way to perform plots not done through the intrigue window?
    Only DLC's I got is the Sword of Islam, don't know if that has anything to say with it. Running Steam version.

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    Recent change. These plots sometimes take a little time to kick off now. Give your backers time to buy their venomous snakes and hire highwaymen. I'm sure you'll receive a notice soon. Higher % will make it trigger sooner/more positively.

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    For a second there, I thought u were being funny. Then one of my backers bought some venomous snakes. I do love this game.

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