My kinswoman (technically my first cousin, four times removed) has a weak claim on Sweden. She's 80 years old, a princess of Africa, and is at court in the duchy of Brittany ... personally holding no titles. She' got some entitled sons. I invade Sweden as the HRE (and ERE) and conquer it for her, only to not have her be my vassal as queen. Now, I thought that if somebody was in my dynasty or a direct vassal already, they'd become my vassal once I pressed their claim. While she isn't my vassal (she's the duke of Brittany's courtier and his liege is the king of France and his liege is me), her name is Adela de Normandie; my name is Michael de Normandie. Pretty confused. So, I tried to kill her so her son, my second cousin, three times removed would inherit (thinking it has something to do with my succession laws or who knows what) ... but he's just as independent once she dies. What's up? The HRE and its vassal kingdom France are under agnatic primogeniture, Brittany and Sweden are under agnatic-cognatic primogeniture.