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Thread: Little feature to improve the game play

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    Little feature to improve the game play

    Those who play SRCW for a long time probably have learned historical events that happens in the game. Gamers move their units to Korea first, then to Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt/Israel … And that’s it. Even if you play on HIGH relations no other wars are happening around the world. And only you, as human player, can start the one. So, I think there could be one more little feature easy to develop to improve the game play – organized proxy war.

    The rule is very simple – you as Super Power can influence other countries. Once another nation in your Sphere of Influence you can provoke this country to attack another country which one in opposite Sphere of Influence. For example, playing as USSR you can provoke Eastern Germany ( as allied country ) to attack Western Germany ( alliance of NATO ).

    This option will significantly improve the game play in single and multiplayer games because player will be able to organize the fight if they are bored.
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    When I first saw this I was hoping you could already do this. Sadly I was mistaken D;

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    I have to agree, country manipulation should be a feature available in the game. Heck, it goes on constantly right now in the real world anyways.
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