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Thread: Prussia=>NGF?

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    Sorry if this is redundant.

    It's been a while since I lasted played as Prussia, so I started a run at it. However, I don't know what I am doing wrong to not get the NGF formation decsion. I have all (99.9% sure anyway) of the states that have German cores on them that are North German primary culture in my SOI plus LUX, I'm a great power, I have researched State and Government. What else am I missing? Does a certain event need to trigger first?

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    None of the states can be satellites of foreign powers. Luxembourg(satellite of Netherlands) is okay because it's not a "part of Germany" so you can found the NGF/Empire without it(it just won't join if it's still a satellite of the Netherlands), but I would bet your issue is that Schleswig-Holstein is still a satellite of Denmark. The Schleswig-Holstein Crisis is an event chain that will start a war with Denmark to free them, or you can just do that yourself.

    If Schleswig-Holstein isn't your problem, I would say that you probably just don't have some North German state sphered(probably Hanover or Saxony) or some foreign power has claimed some North German land(I've seen the French, Dutch, Danish, Russians, and Austrians each do this before, though it's very unlikely if you're playing Prussia).

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    I don't think so for most of that. Will check again, but Schleswig-Holstein Crisis already happened and I just got Saxony in my SOI (freakin hard to do). I don't think any other country has territory or satellites in Germany. Will check again and will edit this post if I find anything. I'm sure I just missed something, as I've see the NGF form before.

    Edit: Found the problem... turns out I just caught it at a bad time. Hungry is trying to be free, causing Saxony to go to war along with their ex-sphere leader. And one of the requirements is that none of the states be at war. Thanks for trying to help. I just didn't read it in enough detail.
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    Use the opportunity to smack austria around then. It's your best opportunity to deal some permanent damage to them.

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