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Thread: Cored Bitter Peace

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    Cored Bitter Peace

    I looked for the conditions. Some of them are fine. Especially with new rare_materials. By June1942 AI USSR has under 1000 rares. With some good encirclements it's also possible to reduce USSR army to below 80% of GER army. But the real pain in the ass is Vladivostoc. For german it is completely impossible to take it, unless mil control the Japan. Which is even bigger pain in the ass. How about modifying the events. Fe. Sverdlovsk OR Vladivostock. Even hetter - take events from SMEP, they are very good.

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    IIRC Vladivostok is only required if Japan is also at war with the USSR. Have a look, there should be two events for Bitter Peace.

    The need for Vladivostok is counterbalanced by slightly easier conditions regarding number of provinces captured and the ratio between Soviet and German divisions.
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    Yes I checked the events, beacause I wanted to fulfill conditions. All other conditions are met - USSR division count is under 130, IC at about base 150IC (their rares are at zero), I have all the provinces, but there are about 20 Reserves in Vladivostok, but Japan AI is simply not interested of any kind of attack at USSR. If I haven't allied with Japan (I wanted to help them but bringing them to war faster and feed them blueprints, while gaining help with carriers) the Bitter Peace would fire already. I had to fire it via console.

    SMEP has really good bitter peace events chain. I think you should simply introduce them. I'll be glad to help with soft coding the events. You need some good english/USA surrender events as well.

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