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    Cool Ussr

    Well seeing theirs a new expansion coming out. I just wanted to know if I would be a able to make puppet state's Like East and West Germany. I'm asking this seeing what ever side you chose to fight on you change history. So I should be able to change the way it goes. I don't like marching on France with the Russian. I just want east Germany and half of Europe and make West Germany My buffer state. One more thing I would like the AI not to make more unit but two use what it have on the field.

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    unknown as of yet, but there are a bunch of great mods that add that in, as well as extend the timeline for some Comitern v Allied fun

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    Prior to FtM the fall of Germany was scripted to do just that, partition it between the Sovs and Allies, whether you wanted it to or not. This was a big source of complaints, which was a major factor in developing the wargoal system. So if you have the ability to install just the SF expansion, you could get access to old event files and use them as the basis for adding that back into FtM via a quick event and CB mod, using the current Fall of France and BP events/CBs as your model.
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    It's a secret, obviously.
    One problem with getting a completely historical post-war Europe is that in most SP and MP games, the COMINTERN and Allies never end up with anything resembling a historical crushing of the Axis. You'll see the Soviets make it to Paris, the United States annexing Vichy, France crushing Germany, Italy annexing most of the planet, and so on.

    This is why the old events were silly. If the Soviets are sitting in Lisbon because they took out everyone in the Axis from Konigsberg to Portugal, then it makes perfect sense for post-war Europe to be completely dominated by the Soviets. A partitioning of anyone doesn't make sense.

    It would be nice if every country had regions dictated in war goals so that you could actually demand East Germany when the Soviets surrender rather than either puppetting or annexing the whole thing. That's probably a lot of scripting, though.

    It would be nice to partition Italy for once between East and West Italy if the Soviets manage to get to Venice after the Allies liberate Rome.
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