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Thread: Is there any way to manipulate the relationship between the Pope and other Catholics?

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    Is there any way to manipulate the relationship between the Pope and other Catholics?

    I'm looking to launch an invasion against Scotland, but apparently the Pope likes the Scottish King quite a bit since I can neither get the invasion CB or an Excommunication. It wouldn't help to simply increase my own Papal relations since they're already quite high (somewhere around 90 if I remember correctly).The only way to get the CB (or an Excommunication followed by the invasion CB?) seems to be lowering the relations between the Pope and the Scottish King; I can't really just wait for said King to die since he's quite young (I actually tried for the invasion CB against his father first, but the Pope liked him too ). Can any of the spy missions lower their relationship? Or perhaps a chaplain on an inquisition? (though I figure the mistakenly-label-someone-a-heretic event only works for your own courtiers and vassals). I guess an assassination might work if the next king isn't so lovey dovey with the Papacy? Or is there some other method I don't know about/haven't thought of?

    If I can't hit Scotland in the semi-near future, I was considering launching an invasion against Denmark since the Pope hates their (Excommunicated) King, but I'm not sure I'm strong enough for them yet. That also wouldn't really do much towards helping me with the eventual formation of the Kingdom of Britannia, except that it'd increase my power base to use for warring against England (though I think it'd give me enough territories to make it impossible to Invasion CB them).

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    As far as I know, there is no direct way to decrease the relations of the Pope to another ruler, however you can always try to assassinate the ruler or the Pope and hope that the relations decrease or you could name one of your bishops who dislikes the Scottish King an anti-pope and then press his claim on the papacy.

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