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Thread: Question about disabling buildings

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    Question about disabling buildings


    i just started my first session and realized that you can disable buildings. However, I am not quite sure how this mechanic works or whether it is bugged or not.

    So, when I built a Goblins Guild this building has an upkeep of one food and one gold.
    Now, if I disable it, my total income and food rises by one (top left). This seems logical.

    But what makes me wondering:
    In the bottom left summary of the city, I actually get the amount subtracted if I disable it. It looks like I only have to pay upkeep in this summary when I disable it. My guess is that this is a display bug?
    Even if the building is disabled I can still build the units from this building (e.g. archers) - so what is the point of keeping it enabled and paying the upkeep?

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    For the clueless (me). How do you disable buildings?

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    The substraction in city view is a display bug, yes.

    That it allows you to circumvent upkeep is a game bug.
    Hopefully the patch fixes it, or people aware of it have quite a bit of (cheated) advantage in multiplayer upon those who don't...

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    Alright, cheers!

    @Snap: Click on the icon in the city screen.

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