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Thread: Tips for a new player?

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    Tips for a new player?

    Hey, I just bought the game on the steam sale, and ran through some of the tutorials. However I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of units/weapons/options. What should I do to start familiarizing myself with the game as fast as possible?
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    Don't worry too much the game is so easy to pick up/learn.

    The types of weapons and or sensors may be daunting for those unfamiliar with them but to be honest all you have to understand to use them is whether a sensor is active or passive and the range of weapons and its targettable target types.
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    When you select a ship or other unit, small color boxes on the weapon types give you a glance of what target types it can attack. Land is green, surface is yellow, air is light blue and anti-sub is dark blue. Then as you select each weapon, a range circle will indicate it's range. It should be really easy to get the hang of it all the next few times you play.

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    Keep a close eye on the fuel levels of your planes. The faster they go, the faster the fuel goes. You don't want your jets or bombers being forced to turn around because they're out of fuel, before the can hit their target. If you're using afterburners to chase a target, really watch the fuel levels closely.

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