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Thread: Civic faction taking over.

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    Civic faction taking over.

    So in one of my games i mistakenly thought that it would be good idea to reshuffle all my trade routes to get the best possible connections. Since the empire is huge i got tired half way through. The result is that not every province got grain and it triggered lot of missions giving me civic faction members in senate.

    So the question is: what should i do (or probably more precisely - not do) to get missions that would reward me with other faction senators ? Any advice ?


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    I have not seen yet a mission that gives me senators of a particular faction.

    I notices though that having established the maximum number of possible trade routes gives the mercantile faction a large bonus (30%), which keeps increasing the number of mercantile faction senators. I don't even give any jobs to merc characters anymore to reduce this trend. But still, they keep gaining influence. What can I do about that?

    Sorry, rpstrategist, didn't mean to hijack your thread, but thought I add this, since it's also about influencing the senate's setup. Hope you don't mind.

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