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Thread: Rampaging Bear in Boston!

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    Rampaging Bear in Boston!

    LOL funny stuff!

    Apologies if the music is not within your taste, I forgot it records all sound.

    Bear is dead now RIP.

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    that is pretty awesome
    did someone lure it there? or it just found its own way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by half_right View Post
    that is pretty awesome
    did someone lure it there? or it just found its own way?
    When in doubt: guess the most cynical scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andinuad View Post
    When in doubt: guess the most cynical scenario.
    So drowning or pyre ? And must I prepare a balance and a weighting duck for a trial or just good old angry mob ?

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    Haha awesome. How many died there?
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    This is like back in the days of WoW, when druids could pull world-bosses into Org/SW.

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    Another bear appeared in Boston a while ago

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    I think it killed me, cuz I was afk then came back at my homestead with no blood or black bile
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    Please do not fix.

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    What is there to fix? Working as intended, I say.

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