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Thread: Liberating India

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    Liberating India

    I'm currently playing a game as Japan. I've conquered all of India and Burma. I noticed India has a core on most of those provinces. Is it possible to liberate India as a puppet? (I'm having a lot of difficulty supplying my troops there).

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    you can only liberate nations whose provinces you own, not only control
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    India is "the jewel of the crown", british territory. I think you must beat the UK.

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    Is there a way I can come to own India? I don't think I can add that as a war goal, can I?

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    UK can liberate India. If you annex the UK, you can liberate India. And Israel. And Syria. Etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amercareth View Post
    Is there a way I can come to own India? I don't think I can add that as a war goal, can I?
    I think you can add it as a wargoal, but even if you do, it still won't be "yours" till the UK gives it up.

    If you are having trouble supplying troops there (trust me, I understand), you can:

    A) start a massive INFRa project in China/Yunnan (that's where the bottleneck most likely is; most of india's INFRA is great)
    B) reduce your troopcount in India. Easiest method... if you are "defending" the area with divisions of, say, 3xINF, then reduce it to 2xINF for now. But keep the ports covered ;p
    C) Go invade London and kick the UK out of the game. Of course, that may very well BE the end of the game.

    and of course, you can always reserach the supply throughput techs ahead of schedule. It helps a bit.
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    The Indian peninsula all the way to the borders with Siam is not addable as a wargoal :/

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    Only variant is to annex the UK, then release puppet.. No other way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amercareth View Post
    Is there a way I can come to own India? I don't think I can add that as a war goal, can I?
    You are probably better off with India as occupied territory and running a collaborationist govt. Annexing would REALLY hammer your supply lines. Make sure you limit troops in India to the very least you can get away with, manually run supply convoys straight from Tokio to Calcutta, and try to limit the fuel burners in India. You can also pull up your supply map, look at the supply path into India and as themousemaster said raise the infrastructure on that path. Also try to reduce revolt risk along that path to reduce the supply drain. And make sure whatever port is your supply depot is garrisoned!
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    British India doesnt require liberation.
    Its fine under British domination

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