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Thread: My very long review and comments for Warlock

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    They did kind of add a new penalty for ICS. The random monster spawns. The bigger your empire, the more you'll have them spawning in the middle. Not exactly a big problem, but it does force you to keep a few extra defensive units around.
    "You get a cat to eat the mouse, you get a dog to eat the cat, you get a lion to eat the dog... and now you've got a lion. Did you want a lion? You just wanted the damn mouse to go away."

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    Food is not an administrative cost because it is proportional to itself. By administrative cost, I mean that the more you have the more it cost you. Like for example:

    1 city = 1 gold (1 / city)
    2 city = 3 gold (1.5 / city)
    3 city = 6 gold (2 / city)
    4 city = 10 gold (2.5 / city)
    5 city = 15 gold (3 / city)

    The more cities you have, the more it cost per city.

    Many board games create that sort of balance by limiting the number of actions a player have. So that when your empire is too large, it's much harder to manage since the number of actions per turn for a player is always the same. So limited actions has the effect of limiting empire expansion.

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