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Thread: Reconnaissance & Occupation Rates (AHD)

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    Reconnaissance & Occupation Rates (AHD)

    Hello there, I have a question regarding the occupation rates in the game.

    When first reading up on reconnaissance and occupation times I came across this article, but the problem for me is that it doesn't seem to be correct.

    I am midway through a second civil war between USA and CSA (playing as the South), and began capturing a US province just as one of mine started being occupied. I had a total of six regiments of infantry attacking the province, while the US sent a single cuirasser. According to that thread the reconnaissance value is cumulative, so my total value should have been 3r. A single cuirasser has a value of 1.5r.

    Our fort levels were the same, and upon checking, both of us had the same technologies, yet the single regiment of cuirassers was conquering my province as about 2-3x the rate.

    How is the Occupation Rate actually affected then? Is it by the troop with the largest reconnaissance, or is there another factor that I've missed somewhere?


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    I haven't got AHD myself, so things might have changed since last I played, but as far as I know, reconaissance simply isn't cumulative. Which seems to be about correct with your observations, that a Cuirassier with thrice the Recon captures thrice as fast.

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    I think it's additive. More troops means higher total recon and therefore faster occupation. But I could be wrong.

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    I think ai gets Bonuses because I see them occupy provinces with 3k infantry stacks faster than I can with 15k cavalry stacks.

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    From some testing it is my current conclusion that reconnaissance is quantum-locked to function the OPPOSITE to how you believe it works.

    After seeing the cuirasser beat my infantry the belief was that the occupation rate was defined by the highest recon value, so I quickly made a custom unit with a reconnaissance of 4. I created four units of them and started capping a territory. At about 40% an 8-regiment strong US army started capping one of mine, biggest recon value 2.5 (cavalry). Same fort level in the provinces. They had CAPTURED the province by the time I got to 90%, meaning that they capped at least 2.5x faster despite having a lower single recon value, which means that reconnaissance is cumulative!

    I feel like I'm playing a game of Calvinball.

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    Recon is cumulative, but with diminishing returns: thus, 6 units of recon 0.5 would not be equal to one of recon 3 but perhaps as low as 2 or even 1.5

    Also, I think occupation goes faster when the province in question is your core(which is why retaking provinces from the enemy or rebels is quick)

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    I do in fact believe calvinhobbeslik is correct about gaining a bonus to occupation speed on land you have cores on. The USA prob still has cores on you, whereas you don't on them most likely. Cores also gives the nice bonus of supply, so they can march MUCH larger armies into your land without suffering attrition, another little fun bonus they get against you.

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    Try using a stack of 100 guards to capture a province, it's super fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ingwaz View Post
    Try using a stack of 100 guards to capture a province, it's super fast!
    Dat attrition.
    Bra där.

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    Also leader traits, or some event modifiers(USA have a lot of them during Civil war) can affect Reconnaissance & Occupation Rates .
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