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Thread: A question about biosphere and infrastructure development. Working as intended?

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    A question about biosphere and infrastructure development. Working as intended?

    Since the game is not yet in it's complete state (but nevertheless, amazing!), I'm wondering whenever it's intended that your biosphere development will not turn into infrastructure development after you have 100% biosphere.

    Just started a game and realized quite later that all of my planets had 0 development of infrastructure even though the biosphere is now most optimal.

    Either way, I find it unconvienient since there is no message display or easy way to browse specifically planets that have their infrastructure development halted while having perfect biosphere. This may not be as bad for players who don't like to rapidly expand and have a good track in each of their planets. On the other hand, it is a slight reality added too. Because as a emperor (or whoever), your colony supposedly is as good as you make it. But you can just force yourself to check on planets constantly, which I think just sums up as less of pewpew time and more of boring time, since theres nothing else you can do meanwhile except for watching out nonhabited planets that are worthy of your time.

    And on a side note, I'm not sure whenever it's a good idea to develop first optimal biosphere and then aim for infrastructure or should I just leave both in half?

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    I doubt it's intended and there are similar issues between the terraforming and infrastructure sliders. The best place for UI suggestions (and there's much much room for them) would be here, at the Kerberos suggestions forum.


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