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Thread: A new player coming in, one thought

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    A new player coming in, one thought

    Hey guys, I happened to snag this game on a steam sale a few weeks back and I just got back to my house to try to play it. I have read about how this game was released and how it is getting constant updates to make it 'more playable' (imo it is very playable and fun) and I also understand that I have not played this as long as other people so I don't know what really works and does not but I do know the one thing that this game needs and that is descriptions. Any other strategy game tells you what you need as a pre requisite before creating something. Also it just needs basic descriptions of what is what. I spent 30+ minutes looking up different stations and what each does before I dedicated resources to build a science station. I spent more time looking up the different reasoning of the sliders on managing planets and stuff, it would not be as necessary if I could just mouse over each slider and it give me a brief exact description of what is going on. All of this information I am learning is for the Sol faction, so this means I have to spend even more time looking up the different species drives/stations/exc... The learning curve of this game would not be nearly as hard if there was a description that will come up of what each select and changeable variables of the game. If you do not give us the information, how are we suppose to know? So far that is my biggest complaint and I do have to say "Thank You" community for the good resources to find the information. Also if this is like the millionth same complaint, I am sorry.

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    Have you read the manual?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent.nihilist View Post
    Have you read the manual?
    The manual is pretty darn good, but that's absolutely not an excuse for an uninformative interface -- especially since features and UI elements get added, removed, broken, fixed, or changed.

    The non-blank encyclopedia entries are very informative, too, for game mechanics as well as lore. It's a shame the screen swap performance is so bad, and it isn't very well integrated -- I'd LOVE to see the manual's content on gameplay element X mirrored in the encyclopedia. Much more useful than the screen help overlays.

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