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    Coming to you live on Steam, it's patch r22173c!

    Critical fixes:
    + Fixed new population growth issues.
    + Fixed a crash related to dragging fleets in the relocate mission screen.

    Other fixes:
    + Favorite invoices no longer revert to Cruisers after submitting an order.
    + Spectre attacks now have a range limit in combat.
    + Trade sliders no longer override settings for other colonies.
    + Trade sliders no longer get stuck on last notch.
    + C3 and Psi research bonuses now displayed.
    + AI now includes psionic abilities in ship designs.
    + Fixed a case where drones belonging to NPC factions would not fire weapons.
    + Adjusted implosion mine health.

    Other changes and additions:
    + Queued station modules are now highlighted in orange.
    + Added auto-upgrade button to the station manager. This automatically queues a minimal number of modules to enable upgrading.
    + Station level is now displayed on the icon in lists.
    + Systems in lists now display station icons where applicable.
    + Planet manager items are now alphabetized.
    + Various racial attributes tuned.

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    Can confirm through Steam interface that its been dl'd.
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