Is it me or its easy to win naval battle? or just pure luck

Its during the last week of october 39 I sent all my heavy cruiser force near england to find out where the Royal navy is and I found em 4 separate stacks of cvs bb etc etc I mean all of em so I send ALL of my kreigsmarine all the Z plan ship + 4 basic CVs + 4 CA and 4 BB that I made myself and round about 20 submarines not all in one stack but balanced on the 4 seperate sea stacks with my carriers running about chasing there BB stacks and intercepting CV stacks

in the end I had 4 submarines scoring a BB each another 4 submarines killing CAs
2 CL killing CVs
Had my BB kill most of there DD and CLS ( Tirpitz sunk Glorious i think the carrier whilst bismarck scored the hood, revenge and some other ships )

I lost most of my heavy cruisers lvl 7 but one of em scored 6 Heavy cruisers by himself (maybe that one got the lucky last hits whilst the whole fleet sunk XD)

then after that no more royal navy.....the french joined but were mopped up by my 4 carriers which lead on to my invasion of brest(brittany) way before I attack the BENELUX area

What do other thinks? IM playing pacth 1.03 beta arma IC

so happy with the royal navy gone i could concentrate on blitzing and gtting all things ready