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Thread: DLC Improvement

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    DLC Improvement

    Just something I think might improve any future DLC: more Magicks (books). Unless I'm missing something, there were no new spells in Other Side of the Coin and the only thing to differentiate it from normal gameplay was Alucart's inability to heal with life or arcane. Personally I would love to see new gameplay ideas from new spells. Shrink/growth spells? Tidal wave? Mirror Image/clone? Poisonous cloud? Anyway, just a thought.

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    I think that's a great idea.

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    By the way, why aren't The stars are left's magicks usable in challenge and PvP ? I would like to see more portals...

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    And just because robe might break AI in campaign (necro being attacked by arcane) is no reason to restrict the robes. we are here to have fun (and in magicka fun usually equals exploiting the engine)

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