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Thread: Diffrence between Steam's Rome Gold and Rome Vae Victis?

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    Diffrence between Steam's Rome Gold and Rome Vae Victis?

    Hi everybody.

    I've just bought EU:Rome on Steam and now I'm confused. I've actually got two games: Rome Gold and Rome Vae Victis. Huh? The Steam description said that the Gold version already contains the add-on. But why then provide the add-on separately? So can anybody clarify for me, please, what's the difference between two versions, which should I use?

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    I think Rome Gold is the original Rome game and Vae Victis is the expansion. If you want to play the expansion (which you probably do) play Vae Victis.

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    Rome Gold is indeed Rome with VV pre-installed, so you'd really have to ask Steam what they've done there and why.
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    Thanks for the answers. I've looked through the Steam forum and it's indeed looks like the Vae Victis version is unnecessary as the Gold version include both the game and the add-on.

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    Steam don't sell vanilla Rome without VV anymore. They still offer VV as a expansion for those who already owns vanilla Rome.

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    Not much difference, really. Just don't install VV, simply install Rome Gold, and you get both the gold key and the vv key.
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