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Thread: Inspired by another thread - what would you witness?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolt View Post
    It would be as cool as watching nazis exterminate jews. If you want it in a war context, as cool as the nazis repressing the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

    Just senseless massacre by a superior armed force.
    Again, that is something we can see footage of already. The Mongols have an almost mystical quality in the eyes of most history fans, actually seeing them in action would be incredible. "cool", was defeinitely the wrong choice of word, but you can't deny that it would be interesting.

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    Is being able to understand the common language of your destination part of the premise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazumir View Post
    Is being able to understand the common language of your destination part of the premise?
    No, unless you spent years studying it.

    At least not until someone makes a practical universal translator IRL.

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    Then most travels might end up in futility, right? Still, winessing the viking-native-contact in north-america, would be interesting. I´d make a series -deadwood style- about it afterwards. But i guess, that will come anyways, soon...

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    Since my only languages is Swedish, English and some German, I wouldn't really understand a thing through most of history. So there's really no point seeing most grand sermons, speeches etc and I figure that I would be sincerely disappointed by how most historical persons really look in real life as well. So I would want to see some massive spectacles of human violence like the battle of Lepanto, Actium, the charge of the cavalry at the siege of Vienna and Cannae even though it would undoubtetly screw me over in the long run, another thing I would want to see would be seven wonders of the world newly built, the city of Rome during the Empire and ancient Athens.

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    The final Viking invasion of the Isle of Man and the establishment of Tynwald

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Savoy View Post
    2. Battle of Antietam
    What (for you) is the draw of Antietam?
    Just curious.

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