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    Newest Patchnotes.

    by castewarkp » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:29 am


    Critical fixes:
    - Fix retreat crash
    - Fix combat freeze
    - Fix crash for null AI designs
    - Fix move order crash

    Other fixes:
    - Fixed AI equipping the wrong modules on the wrong sections
    - Fixed AI building stations in un-owned worlds
    - Fixed using psionics on menaces (eg: fear on swarm queen)
    - Fixed Suul’ka fleets not storing their Suul’ka as an admiral
    - Fixed display issues with relocating reserve assets
    - Fixed diplomacy UI buttons
    - Fixed being able to build stations in indy systems unless system was selected
    - Fixed getting a combat if both players ONLY have a colony in a system (colony vs colony and no fleets)
    - Fixed auto firing not always finding a target
    - Fixed Morrigi LV not assigning all riders proper indexes, which leads to riders entering combat "launched"
    - Fixed Hivers using node races pathing in some cases
    - Fixed fleets in fleet widget properly displaying their base system instead of current location

    Other changes and additions:
    - Implement new player list UI in combat
    - Implement ionic thruster tech
    - Implement display for colony pop/infra info
    - Implemented internal kinetic dampening tech
    - Implement Morrigi traps
    - Gave Morrigi abilities to instantly defeat Morrigi relics and traps
    - Added notches to sliders in Empire Manager and for trade/construction sliders
    - Starmap now properly shows Zuul slave and civilian count

    - Morrigi trap combat does not carry over into combat (will be Fixed in next patch)

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    Nearly all my auto resolve combat crashes upon ending since this fix was released. According to the log file The crash apparently happens shortly after the Autosave. Log notes look like the game is attempting to remove or clean up objects that nolonger exist and an error is thrown.
    Sample log:

    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] - Weapon Damage Stats for Player 1 -
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] Weapon: 116 Damage: 496
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] Weapon: 114 Damage: 450
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] Weapon: 71 Damage: 101.6194
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] Weapon: 100 Damage: 304.0295
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] Weapon: 120 Damage: 100.16
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] Weapon: 15 Damage: 28
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] Weapon: 18 Damage: 154
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:07) [combat] - Weapon Damage Stats for Player 14 -
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:14) [state] Preparing StarMapState for transition from SimCombatState.
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:14) [state] Exiting SimCombatState.
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:14) [state] Entering StarMapState.
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:52) [game] Ship of type Bangkoap constructed at Braal
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:55) [data] Saving game database to 'C:\Users\degasl\Saved Games\Sword of the Stars II\\Saved Games\Raven\Falcon (Autosave).sots2save'...
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:56) [data] OK.
    T (2012/06/23 13:22:56) [game] ========================= TURN 160 =========================
    W (2012/06/23 13:22:59) [state] Starmap refreshed.
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:01) [state] Starmap refreshed.
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:01) [iris] memory: Material 'ring' still has active references (2).
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:01) [eng] Cannot remove game object. Unknown game object id: 1147
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:01) [eng] Cannot remove game object. Unknown game object id: 1154
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:01) [eng] Cannot remove game object. Unknown game object id: 1175
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:01) [eng] Cannot remove game object. Unknown game object id: 1182
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:01) [eng] Cannot remove game object. Unknown game object id: 1189
    W (2012/06/23 13:23:02) [log] An error occurred. Refer to the log and associated minidump files for more information:

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    - Fixed auto-resolve crash due to colony life UI.

    It's in the hotfix already sent to Steam, just waiting on them to post it.

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