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Thread: The Legend of House Galta

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    The Legend of House Galta

    The House of Galta was a small, unknown noble house in Sweden, ruling from the County of Dal, with their capital of Dalaborg. Unlike all of their neighbors, the House of Galta was not beholden to either the King of Sweden or the King of Norway. They were an independent county. This isn't to say that their own independence was a matter of martial skill or economic strength, or of any sort of intrigue. Neither king was willing to use the manpower, nor the time. it took to take Dal. However, anyone from the House of Galta would tell you otherwise. Well, the person from House of Galta. There was only one. Count Faste Galta.

    Chapter 1- Pathetic Beginnings

    Faste: Okay Mr. WritAAR, that's enough of that.

    WritAAR: No, I'm not done with my introduction yet, I have yet to talk about your measly military and the fact that you don't have a wi-

    Faste: Okay... That's enough of you...

    WritAAR: Fine...

    Faste: All right. Boring stuff out of the way. Name's Faste Galta if any of you didn't catch that, and yeah... This is my demense.

    Faste: Not much to look at, but I am sure that as time goes on, the House of Galta will expand to new horizons.

    WritAAR: Yeah, you might actually get 2 holdings in that county...

    Faste: Shut up. Well, as you may also notice, I am unmarried (Still single ladies...) and have no heir. So if some sort of freak accident occured and I died today, I'd lose the game. First thing's first, find a wife, save the dynasty.

    WritAAR: About time...

    Faste: What did I tell you?! Okay... So onto other business such as-

    WritAAR: He gave you a whole day to prepare. You should be thankful.

    Faste: I... I don't understand... I have great character!

    WritAAR: *Sigh* I'll bail you out of this one...

    Faste: Really? Oh man I love- Hey, what are you-

    Faste: Stop that! Stop that! I like being independent!

    WritAAR: No point in delaying the inevitable.

    Faste: I hate you.

    Faste: Ah well, at least I'm married now.

    WritAAR: I just realized how close "Faste" sounds to "Chaste". Better get to work on those heirs before you get branded with an unsavory nickname.

    Faste: Have no fear... I intend to.

    Faste: I guess that could have ended more badly than it did.

    WritAAR: That's right. I think you'll enjoy being a vassal. You'll get to go to tournaments and feasts and all that other fun stuff you could never afford with your one holding.

    Faste: I guess so... Wait a second, look at the dynasty tree...

    Faste: Not only am I the only living member of my dynasty... I apparently have no mom or dad. Both me and my county meterialized out of thin air...

    WritAAR: Or Paradox figured your House wasn't important enough to have ancestors.

    Faste: Oy... Well, now that the boring introduction's out of the way, I'll leave you readAARs to go look at the more interesting AARs out there. Be sure to check back, we may actually do something this next time around.
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    Brilliant! I'm looking forward to future instalments.
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