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Thread: trading hastens faction invite and tag switching query

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    trading hastens faction invite and tag switching query

    Hi guys,

    Started a '36 campaign with Bulgaria and immediately aligned towards axis. By Jan '37 I was in Axis. I don't remember ever being able to join so quickly.. I had a few trade deals with Germany running so I was wondering if improved relations (trading) brought my invite forward?? Or is there just an average wait time for specific countries?

    As soon as I got it I raced troops into position and initiated a desperate, 6 month, no tech, no manpower fight to the death with Greece. Was awesome.

    Now that Greece is subdued I'm thinking about other minor contributions I can make to the greater war effort. I'd like to 'try' an take Malta. But obviously I'll need a combined operation with Italian air and naval units.

    I haven't done 'tag-switching' thingy yet and am struggling to find instructions. Could someone point me in the right direction??

    Thx in advance

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    There are 2 factors that I definitely know of that decide invites. Your position in the triangle(drift) and your neutrality vs highest threat calculation. Trading with a faction member will generate a small amount of drift towards them. No matter the amount of units traded you get the same base drift so doing tons of tiny trades can get you to drift fast but sadly, your limiting factor almost always is your neutrality/threat.

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    cool, thx.

    I did prioritise getting 10 spies into Greece to increase their threat.

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    It's a secret, obviously.
    Your relation to the faction leader (and maybe other members) modifies the rate at which you drift to a particular faction. If you trade extensively with one faction, it drives up your relations with them, causing more drift.
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