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Thread: Which Monster Spawns can generate what rewards?

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    Which Monster Spawns can generate what rewards?

    Maybe other people have already noticed this and can provide insight.

    Basically, some monster spawn structures can generate very nice rewards when cleared. Old Crypts in Portal Worlds can generate Adepts of Lunord or Paladins of Death when cleared. I thought it was mainly another perk of exploring Portal Worlds, but I just received a Dracolich in Ardania by clearing an Old Crypt (turn 51). And that also got me wondering about what spell reward types can come from what structures.

    Anyway, I thought I'd see what others have noticed. If some structures are particulary juicy, it makes it more worthwhile to burn a summon to claim one if the player otherwise would lose it to the AI. Or when MP comes out, other human players. I thought I'd do Structure/World/Reward, and if enough people chime in, we can see if there are any patterns. So! Here we go-

    Old Crypt/Ardania/Dracolich
    Hell Portal/Ardania/Meta-teleport
    Hell Portal/Ard/Weakness
    Ogre Den/Ard/Life Weapon Enchant
    Magic Thicket/Ard/Nullify
    Old Crypt/Ard/Krolm's Housecarls
    Old Crypt/Ard/Paladins of Death

    Magic Thicket/Portal/Summon Fire Elemental
    Elemental Portal/Portal/Treewarden (x3)
    Elemental Portal/Portal/Greater Fire Elemental (x2)
    Dragon's Nest/Portal/Thunderstorm
    Dragon's Nest/Portal/Great Healing
    Elemental Portal/Portal/Summon Earth Elemental
    Elemental Portal/Portal/Greater Earth Elemental (x3)
    Hermit's Hut/Portal/Shamans
    Old Crypt/Portal/Elder Vampires
    Dragon's Nest/Portal/Shadow of Vendral

    Thanks to LeBaiton and Rash for pitching in!
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    old crypt/ ardania/ ancient liches
    (got this one in only turn 11!)
    wolves den/ ardania/ noble werewolves
    wolves den/ portal/ court werewolves
    dragon nest/ portal/ shadow of vaendral

    not sure if it matters or if it's coincidence, but i seemed to get units and spells from monster spawns a lot more often when i played impossible difficulty compared to when i played casual/ normal difficulty. i only played one game of each though, so it may be coincidence.

    I also got a troll, teleportation, meta teleportaion, healing, prosperity and a bunch of other spells in ardania, but i can't remember where exactly i got all of them from. i think meta teleportation was from one of the ocean nests (kraken, sea serpent, levathian).

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    Thanks for the additions. I don't think I've ever rec'd a spell or unit from a ocean hex, so it's interesting you minght have. All of my results were from an impossible run- hopefully that won't alter anything.
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    I documented some of these on the wiki page for Nature. I'm pretty sure that you can get any unresearched spell from loot, given that Lost Caravans and Shipwrecks also gave me early unresearched spells that I already had access to. The fact that nests with tougher monsters give you higher level spells is probably due to already having a lot of spells researched.

    I added the Shamans and Paladins of Death to the page. I'm not sure about the Wolves Den spawns, though. I looted a fair number of those and never got werewolves from them. Are you sure those are from Wolves Dens, and not Hermits Huts, Rash?

    There might be some truth to different unit recruits depending on being in Ardania or in another plane. I remember Krolm's Housecarls spawning from an Old Crypt in an alternate plane, while other times the Old Crypt gave me Ghosts in Ardania.

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    Yep, having more spells researched will alter the pool available. That's why I figured if enough people with different research patterns posted, it wouldn't matter as much. Thanks for the link to the Nature page- I'll add any future creature spawns I find to it.
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    I entered a portal world around turn 24 and received two elder vampires in a row from two old crypts I found inside. Receiving those that early in the game really made things a whole lot easier

    I also received Shadow of Vendral units from Dragon's Nests in the portal worlds.

    So to add to the list......

    Old Crypt/Portal/Elder Vampires
    Dragon's Nest/Portal/Shadow of Vendral

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    Another addition: Trolls from a rats lair. Juicy :-). Else all confirmed - happened a lot to me and unfortunately adds a big factor of luck to a supposedly "strategy" game. Werewolfs on turn 5 translate in appr. 5 neutral cities more on turn 20 ...
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    I quite enjoyed the two times I got Trolls from Ratmen holes as well. Do first check the wiki page to see if your entry is already listed, there's not much point in posting it then. If it's not listed, go ahead and add it!

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    just got a treewarden from i think an elemental portal (whatever it was, it wasn't the tree nest, that's why i was so suprised)

    and you're right, it could've been a ogre den that i got werewolves from, they look fairly similar if you're not paying attention. doesn't make sense to not get werewolves from wolves den though :S

    ancient liches were definitely from an old crypt in ardania though, that was very recent so i remember it properly.

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    Added Bearman from Elemental Portal (ice plane)

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