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Thread: Merging brigades into divisions?????

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    Merging brigades into divisions?????

    First post dont betoo hard on me.
    picture this ,2 divisions ,3 brigade in each sitting in Berlin.How do i put a brigade into one of these divisions
    without having to move this particular division out of berlin to merge units.I know ther is a merge botton
    in division description face ,which is alright to merge into one divisio but not 2,how to merge???????

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    There are several buttons, since you can not have 6 brigades in a single division merge wont work you need to click the one that allows you to move brigades back and forth between the two divisions.

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    ta.i know there is a tech for 5 brigades -division,but i cant put an arty brig into a division without moving that divisio out of berlin,away from the other division.i only go with 4brigades per division anyway..cant put arty into a division when there is a stack of divisions in one provience

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    Select the whole stack. You should then have 2 divisions plus the 1 loose brigade all selected. Now click the little 'x' in the upper right corner of the status bar for the one division you do NOT want mess with, thus dropping it from the selected batch. Now you can hit the combine button and only affect the desired units.
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    For land divisions, you need to use the Reorganise icon after reducing the stack to just 2 units.

    For air or navy, you can merge everything, but not for land due to the bde limit.

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