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Thread: can't deposit money F&S

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    can't deposit money F&S

    Hi !

    I just started MB F&S and read you can deposit money.

    Well I found a nice city, got to the merchant guild and found the option do deposit.
    So I deposited some 3k Thalers.

    Few days later (ingame) I needed some money back - first there was no option to just take a little so I had to take it all.
    Nevermind, bought my stuff and wanted to give the rest back.
    But than there was only the option left to borrow money !
    So I checked other cities, but it was the same every where

    I waited 2 month but still the same ...
    got any help `?


    ps.: just checked other save games and started a new game can't deposit there either
    pps: if this belongs into the techsupport forum plz tell me ^^

    Solution ?! : Well it seems that it was simply a matter of money - I, admittedly cheated, got some huge amount of money and wonder now they'll take my money again
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