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Thread: I still play after a week

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    I still play after a week

    Greetings gentlemen of Neocore / Paradox, I find it regrettable that after buying your game after a week without playing, when arranged on the occasion of the Spanish language by which the game crashed, I go and what is my surprise that the Spanish texts are not shown. I can only applaud and added that he appreciated very much a game as the king arthur and his developer, but I see his face or give or solve anything. A forum abandoned, that we have? if they pass us?, in short a sentence, I will ask my refund. In the midst of global crisis and attract followers rather than put us, if gentlemen, that is wanting to sell and grow as a company. Unfortunate, but true A fan of the King Arthur saga which has bought all your games: (

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    And no german translation as well until now ... fans in Spain, Germany, Italy are eagerly waiting.
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    ... it was false advertisment ...

    IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH , as all text is spoken ...

    BUT if you bought it last week

    IT WAS TERRIBLE CHEAP and worth every cent you paid for it ...
    but of course it is in ENGLISH ONLY

    it was as expensive as a cup of coffee ...

    anyway other languages are missing and they shouldn't have promoted that it is available in different ones !

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    Anyway the translation (where ever it made) on your language would be without sound translation For example, in russian version only text is translated, but sound is english
    So learn english and enjoy it
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