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Thread: How to destroy a faction in Warband

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    How to destroy a faction in Warband

    Is it possible to completely destroy a faction in Warband? In my current game the Swadians and Vaegirs have lost all their holdings since ages. Their last armies are still around, and even if they are destroyed they reappear a little bit later. They are especially annoying as they are both currently at war with my king and keep on raiding villages if you don't hunt them down over and over again.

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    You are sure that they don't have a remote castle somewhere you've overlooked somehow? You should be able to be absolutely sure if you've checked the faction notes and they have nothing under holdings. If this is the case only thing I can think of is that their lords can use neutrals castles and cities to hide out and rebuild their forces. But their lords should not respawn if their faction has no castles. If they have no holdings and you've encountered and completely destroyed the forces of one of their lords more than once I'd say it sounds like a bug.

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    They have definitely no castles left - and they keep reappearing somewhere. Sometimes even without any man, just the lord himself. (Which of course makes them freaking fast and very hard to catch...)

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    I've never encountered a situation like that before. Unless you are using some mod I'd say it's probably a bug.

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    To destroy a faction, you need to capture all the lords of the factions. You might want to recruit them or try to though.

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    The latest patch increases the speed with which Lords of failed but living factions desert. Waiting does it, usually.

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    Recruit them for yourself or wait untill they join another faction.
    After they have been in all factions the lords disappear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_legion View Post
    Recruit them for yourself or wait untill they join another faction.
    After they have been in all factions the lords disappear.
    Well, the problem is that in my current game the lords are switching their lieges so fast that Swadia and Vaegirs always get new vasalls. Although around 30 lords are already outside of Caladria.

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    I did not know of the new patch.

    By experience, if this patch reintroduces the lords going to exile very fast because they toured all the factions imbalance, it is better to abort the game.

    Ultimately, it makes the game tedious.

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    What patch are folks playing on in this thread? 1.151+ has been attempting to fix faction defeat problems introduced with lord respawn changes that were made in 1.143. So, in order to be sure folks are talking about the same possible problems/hangups, the version is very important.

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