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Thread: Server Looking for Regiment - Art of Revolution

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    Server Looking for Regiment - Art of Revolution

    Hello Mount & Blade community,

    I have set up a server for Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars.
    I am willing to offer this server to a Regiment/Guild to claim it.
    There will be no charge for it and I am able to host it 24/7
    There server is Located in the EU.

    What is the catch?
    There is no catch to it really. I am the owner of the Art of Revolution community and would like to see it bloom up.
    The only term I ask for is the Regiment to user the forums and website I set up as community host.

    The link to my community is
    You may look around and contact Captain there if you are interested.
    Or just post on this thread.

    I hope to get some replies.
    Many thanks,


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    i have a regiment that may be interested i'll have to see if they want to though. Being that we have no permanent place to train. I will get back to you with this as soon as i can

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