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Thread: Attacking Across Water

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    Attacking Across Water

    This may seem like a stupid question, but how do you get troops to an island you don't have a provence on? You can only disembark onto provences you own, so for expamle how would you invade england?

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    You don't have to land troops. When you click on your boats on the coast of England, you will notice there is an army too, click on them and move them as normal.

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    Select your army that is currently embarked in your ships. You can then send your army to any province that is next to the embarked ships. The ships themselves cannot dock though.

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    Chose the navy on the top right upper corner of the navys window there is a button that looks like an army press that and then just chose the island you want them to offload to. Your navy has to be on a sea zone next to the island.

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    Thank you all, this helps a lot.

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