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Thread: Napoleonic Wars: Questions/Suggestions

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    Napoleonic Wars: Questions/Suggestions

    I recently started playing Napoleonic Wars and it is fantastic! I did have a couple questions/suggestions though.

    1. It seems like musicians and color bearers have an effect on gameplay, but I haven't seen any appreciable effect. What exactly do the buffs do? And do commanders and officers give buffs as well?

    2. Do grenadiers have access to grenades? It seems there is not really any distinction between them and other line infantry units. If not, I would love to see simple grenades implemented into the game for grenadier units.

    3. I think spawn points should be reworked a bit in regard to cavalry spawning as I've seen cavalry spawn inside houses and unable to leave and other such problems.

    Like I said before, this game is great! I loved the addition of musicians, artillery, and I thought firearms were implemented much better than in Fire and Sword. Keep up the good work!
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    I can't quite remember the specific effects per musician/banner/captain but yes they do give benefits. (As long as its turned on at server settings ofc!)
    They can give various things like; faster reload, increased movementspeed, more melee damage etc.
    2) No, the grenadiers do not have grenades. I think that was because of two reasons; first they werent used anymore, second it makes for horrible gameplay.
    3) If you find a glitch/error/bug you can post it here:,282.0.html

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    Thats what I wanted to know! Thank you!
    A multitude of rulers is not a good thing. Let there be one ruler, one king. -Herodotus

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