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Thread: newbei question-overstacking penalty

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    newbei question-overstacking penalty

    I just d/l AoD so I am just starting to learn. I understand the issue of overstacking and how to avoid it. However I am correct in saying the the "square root rule" will always produce an overstacking penalty? I am seeing penalties of -40 to -65. Is this low, high or just right?

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    Yes, if 2 divisions or more take part in the combat they get the stacking penalty. The values you see are average. I think it starts at -30 for 2 divisions and then goes up.

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    Thanks. I appreciate the clarification.

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    Therefore it might be better calling it stacking penalty. Overstacking penalty implies that more units reduce the total fighting power. But the stacking for landunits is disigned in that way that more units will always increase firepower. That is of cource only as long no other effects are to be considered. The over command limit penalty for example might reduce the total firepower.

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