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Thread: Useless Units/Brigades

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    but if enemy bombs your CTF with NAVs without CLs you gonna take some serious losses
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    I never really had a problem with NAVs in DH Full. In Kaiserreich they are a major pest but not in vanilla.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Finnish View Post
    I have always been content with DDs. They are a workhorse screen and especially good for carrier task forces IMO. Indeed I just build doomstacks of 10CV+20DD that can wipe out pretty much anything. It's cheap, need to research only two kinds of ship and in my experience works just fine.
    Tks for the advice! I've to try it out.

    I was just playing as ITA and when I noticed that my nave engaged combat with FRA it was already all in the bottom of the Mediterranean.
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    Yeah, it's a bit sad that naval combat is still a bit... meh. There is no real reason to build balanced navies and doomstacks rule the day.

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