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    Eireanna, the chronicle of the House of O'Neill's rise from Ulster's petty kingdom to greatness. This AAR is dormant until its associated save's completion, and will be presented in a variety of forms. The game was played on normal difficulty DW 5.1 and Death and Taxes, with the formation of Ireland and later Great Britain as a colonialist noble republic envisioned.

    All gameplay must occur to the sound of jazz.
    Limited cheating to overcome bugs, enact realistic events not featured in the game (i.e. install a lesser O'Neill noble as king of a vassal, as in the Napoleonic Empire) or to bypass irritating but minor issues (i.e. the inability to annex a nation requiring 102% warscore) is permissible, but will be strictly controlled and instances of it indicated to the reader.

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    Good, solid house rules. I used a similar sort in my previous game, where I split sub-Saharan Africa between the Teutonic order and the Knights Hospitaller. And set up a lot of minor noble kingdoms in other parts of Africa. And tag-switched, culture shifted Ethiopia to become Castillan, as there was almost none natives after the pagan conversions. And used missionaries on force-converted countries.

    Just two questions: If you don't plan to start the aar yet, why did you post the introduction, and why do the hyper-links lead me to google?

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    My little Ulster growing into something meaningful?

    Oh ar!

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    I'm very interested to see where you go with this. I like your rules and setup.
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