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Thread: new game

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    new game

    as im getting a tad bored by my old games where im ruling unquestioned, does anyone know a nice place to start? i was thinking of maybe apulia or barcelona to keep me busy until SoI comes out

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    Aragon or Barcelona if you haven't tried the peninsula yet (Aragon because its only one province but at least you have family in other kingdoms, or Barcelona because it starts overpowered, but she is forever alone ).

    Any of the dukes of HRE otherwise (that would be my next jump after I am fed up of my long lasting game with Aragón)
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    i alreayd united iberia once. i heard barcelona was fun so i thought why not. i personally fing dukes in the HRE quite boring. its often endlesly waiting for a claim to eb fabricated.

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    tried recreating the north sea empire, with either Norway or Denmark (think Denmark would be ever so slightly better to pull it off with)?

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    a north sea empire. sounds fun. know what, m going to make my goal own every coastal north of brittany. im going to wiat with that game on SoI though, due to all the new empires.

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