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Thread: When AI wants to give gold for treaty, you can exploit it to get all gold or mana

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    When AI wants to give gold for treaty, you can exploit it to get all gold or mana

    I think there was already discussion about this, but I think it warrants new thread.

    When you get at point of game, when AI is willing to give mana or gold to you for non-aggression or alliance (instead requiring you to fill in), AI will gladly give ALL gold or ALL mana, as long as you don't require other resource too (just adding 1 mana to the all gold deal will make AI not want it). Also, what is interesting is that when such deal is proposed is that AI returns "neutral" response (not usual I kill you or I love you).

    Why I think it's a bug:
    If you try 1 mana + small reasonable amount of gold (or vice versa), AI will accept it, so there is logic for AI to agree for reasonable compensation.

    But if you remove that 1 mana (or 1 gold in other case), AI can give you everything he has. And what he has can be ridiculous on Impossible difficulty (like 7000 gold or something).

    This is very exploitable, since treaties with AI usually get broken after some time, which gives you opportunity to renegotiate them again for big gold or man reward. For example, get all gold for non-aggression and then next turn all mana for alliance.

    Anyway I hope this gets fixed in the future. In the meantime, I may try to just offer AI deals that include both resources to prevent exploit.

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    Question to other players.

    I think I have only seen GMs give "neutral" responses when they get exploited, by this bug And when treaty is reasonable they give happy responses.

    Have anyone seen AI give neutral responses it other circumstances?

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    I have made several alliances and not seen this, is it with the current patch?

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